Chamber Music

Chamber music is an Instrumental music that is composed for a small ensemble. Traditionally a group that could fit in a palace chamber or a large room. This may happen in your place as a house concert.


What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a musical performance played by professional musicians at your house. Usually, it doesn’t need a big space and the beauty of that it is purposely more intimate and more toward quality than quantity. The idea of house concert is not new and actually, that is how chamber music originally started. But don’t be surprised that it will be still a novel concept to a lot of people.

Our Goals:

Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation presents house concerts to you with following goals: 

•    To make high-quality music more accessible to the community.

•    To create a unique experience for the community to meet and connect with professional musicians and their art.

•    To engage our community to further appreciate great music and art.

•    To support art and artists and raise fund for Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation through ticket sale, donations and Gilgamesh Philharmonic Society membership.

Together, with your help and support, we are going to change the way people experience great music in their daily life. 


Host’s Guide:

Costs: It doesn’t cost you anything upfront to host an event unless you decide to provide refreshments. You only provide the space and invite your friends and you may serve your guests with the refreshment of your choice. We will send you a ticket purchasing link that can be shared with your guests. All ticket funds and donations will go to support our nonprofit organization, Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation, and the artists.

Time & Date: The performance usually runs about one hour. Based on our previous experiences setting aside one hour before and after the show is good enough time for mingling and chat. Let us know what time frame and date work best for you and we will try to accommodate that.


By Invitation Only: You as a host will be in charge of inviting your guests. We highly recommend sending out private invitations instead of a public announcement for privacy, safety, and legal reasons. We can provide you with a template if you need help in preparing your invitation letter.

Attendance Minimum: You need to be able to get minimum of 25 adult friends to come to your event. This is very important! A full room adds so much to the feeling of a concert. A group fewer than of 25 people is not big enough to make it like a proper event. If you think you cannot get 25 or more people to show up, you can pair up with a friend to do a co-hosted event.

Space: Performance space should allow all your guests to be seated as a group in the same room in front of musicians without any physical obstruction. It is important to keep the performance space tight and focused. Remember this is not a background music for a party. Do what you can to ensure that the physical presentation and arrangement of the space work toward underscoring and enhancing that focus.

Guest List: Make your guest list as soon as you can. Start sending out invitations one month prior to your event. Try to invite double the number of guests that you hope will come to your event. Also, it would be a great idea to send a reminder few weeks before to create an excitement about your upcoming event.

Adult Only Please: The house concert is an adult only event unless you would like to organize an event specifically for children. 

Pet Policy: If you have a cat at home, even if it stays in one room, please let us know. A lot of people are allergic to cats. If you have a dog, even a small one, you should make a plan to send it to a friend for the evening or keep it in a different room during the show. Even the best-behaved dogs are generally not so very good audience members and can be really distracting to us and the audience.

Guest safety: Be prepared to assume responsibility for the safety of your friends while they are at the concert. If you have alcohol at your event, be aware that it may increase your liability risks, just as it would with any party/event in your home. Stop serving liquor toward the end of the evening. If you notice guests drink too much or seem too tired to drive home, arrange for a ride. 


Insurance: We recommend an umbrella policy if you frequently have events (of any kind) in your home. Check with your insurance agent. 

Membership: Engage your guests to become a member of Gilgamesh Philharmonic Society. Our annual membership comes with plenty of wonderful benefits. This will go a long way, and it will empower us to continue our mission to support art and artists. ​

Musician’s Guide:

Arrival: You should plan to arrive at your host’s house with plenty of time to greet them, chat for a minute, load in, set up and prepare them on their announcements and be ready to go before guests start to arrive. Be engaging and take advantage of every moment to interact with the host and their guests. Make sure you have a meal before your arrival. You probably won’t get a chance to eat for the next several hours. If possible, arrive dressed up and ready. If not, try to be good at quick change so that you are not unavailable for a long time.

Repertoire: Each repertoire consists of a set of pieces selected by the musicians and approved by Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation. A brochure of the event consist of information about each piece and artists’ biographies will be provided by Gilgamesh Art & Culture foundation to be handed out to the guests.


Merchandise table: Make sure to set your merchandise table somewhere visible to the audience where it gets natural foot traffic after the show is done. Prepare the host to make an announcement right after the show to introduce your merchandise and encourage guests to check them out.

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