Our Volunteers

There aren't enough words to describe how wonderful our volunteers are. We are impressed with the dedication, compassion, and generosity of the individuals who have given their time to the Gilgamesh Art & Culture Foundation. Without their support, we would not have had the opportunity to provide our services to the community.


This page names those who have volunteered significantly for more than one year. We also want to recognize the amazing work and commitment of many who are not listed here. We will never be able to fully express our gratitude to all of our volunteers, but please know how much we appreciate and respect each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.


We truly appreciate that you have joined us on this journey.

Farhang Zarrinkelk

Choir Coordinator

Helps organizing activities of the Southern California choir.


Is an opera aficionado.

Loves Iranian and western classical music.

Enjoys quality in all genres.

Has led large teams of managers and software engineers.

Earned a doctoral degree in France.

Is currently studying psychology.

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Ramona Javid Betyounan

Social Media

She is the admin of "Assyrian Art Community" and "Iranian Art Comunity" in Facebook.

Currently lives in Queensland.​

Graduated from Tehran conservatory of classical music.
Worked several years for Health Insurance Commission.
Diploma Qld College of business.
Diploma Qld School of Art
Currently involved in Art gallery events in Queensland.

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